About Us

PerkUps.coffee is a DBA of HomeSupply.net, LLC. We are a corporation located in Atlanta, Texas. Our desire was to build for-profit businesses for the purpose of giving its profits to charities we are passionate about. The owners of HomeSupply.net are also the founding board members of Christ Centered Homes, Inc. also located in Atlanta. The LLC businesses we own channel its profits through the 501c3, which is responsible for identifying the orphan charities it will give to.

When we say 100% of profits, we mean what’s left over (aka surplus, balance, difference) after normal business expenses are deducted from all the income we derive from sales from our coffee and medical supply businesses. Like all businesses (commercial or nonprofit), there are normal business expenses required to operate our companies, such as employee compensation and benefits, travel, cost of goods, transportation, warehousing, marketing and advertising, supplies, occupancy costs, taxes, etc.

If you are interested in seeing some of the charitable organizations that care for orphans, click here: https://network153.net/needs/

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