Perkups only sells coffee that is fresh roasted, and I mean Fresh! The coffee is not even roasted until your order is placed. Not even the single serve pods are roasted before an order comes in. This is why it takes a little longer to ship, but you get the freshest and best coffee possible. 

The coffee is roasted in small batches. Small batch roasting along with roasting to order, ensures that your coffee receives all the attention needed to make sure it is the highest quality possible. Does this really change the flavor and experience? We will discuss this topic in a later post, but the short answer is “yes.” We know some of it depends on what type of coffee drinker you are. If you drink your coffee with loads of creamer and sugar, this will make the difference less noticeable in the taste department. As for the experience, knowing that your coffee was carefully roasted and packaged just for you is a comforting feeling. It is good to know that it was not leftovers or kept in a storage room for weeks or longer. There is a certain level of prestige that comes from being able to tell others that your coffee is made just for you. This is for any order, business or home.

The green coffee perkups uses to roast, is fair trade sourced. The coffee is arabica and grown at high altitudes. The majority of the green coffee used comes from Honduras, Sumatra, Columbia, or Brazil. From time to time a different origin may be used for a seasonal or special roasting. These coffees are sourced from family farms that have been growing great coffee for many years. This ensures a consistent product. 

We named it Perkups, for a few reasons. One, the close relation to percolator or to “perk” coffee. Two, coffee is often used to help us wake up or Perk Up in the morning. Three, relates to the act of cheering someone else up like an uplifting gesture, offering them a Perk Up. One more reason is drinking this coffee has its perks, or an advantage over drinking other coffees. 

Perkups exists to be able to bring better coffee to you. To top that off, it also supports a good cause! Great, high quality, specialty coffee and a good cause all wrapped in one. Yes, with every sale at, the profits are used to help orphans all over the world. If you would like to know more about this, please email [email protected] and ask, “how do you choose where to send the profits?”

Check out the coffee shop to get your coffee by clicking here.


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