Full Flavored Light


Our Full-flavored Roast is a light roast coffee with natural attributes of sweet citrus aromatics. It is vibrant with a subtle chocolate and nutty flavor with a wonderful full-bodied texture.



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1 Pound of Specialty Roast Coffee, You choose Whole Bean or Ground

Fair Trade and Fresh Roasted AFTER ordered – Single Origin


All of our Gold Star Blends coffee is grown at independent, family farms in high altitude. These beans are sourced from several different national origins. Once at the roaster’s facility they are carefully, mechanically sorted and weighed.  This ensures that only the best of the beans goes on to be roasted. The roasting facility roasts only in small batches and roasts to order. This means more care is spent with your order and it is fresh. After roasting, the beans are either packaged whole or ground to order. Once placed into the packaging, the coffee is nitrogen flushed and sealed. The bags of coffee are equipped with a special one-way valve to keep contact with air to a minimum and increase the freshness and shelf life of the coffee. We all know nothing beats grinding fresh coffee before each cup, but with this process the already ground coffee is pretty close in taste.


To brew hot coffee, start with 2 Tbsps coffee per 6 fl oz of cold water. For a whole pot (12cup), use 2 oz by weight of ground coffee, or about ¾ cup. Brew and enjoy. For a milder flavor use less coffee, for a stronger flavor add more coffee.


Tips: Coffee is best if the maker heats the water to near 200 degrees F. Try using a carafe to hold the hot coffee instead of a hot plate or heated pot. This will help the flavor stay just like the first cup and not allow evaporation or burning.